Syllabus of NDA Mathematics 2021

Syllabus Of NDA Mathematics 2021

Every Candidate want to best Information and syllabus for any exam that conduct by Indian Government or other. Below we are sharing the accumulated and detailed information about the topic of the Syllabus Of NDA Mathematics 2021 in Following is the topic asked in Maths in NDA.

  • Algebra.
  • Calculus.
  • Matrix and determinants.
  • Integral calculus and differential equation.
  • Trigonometry.
  • Vector algebra.
  • Analytical geometry of two and three-dimensional.
  • Statics and probability.

Number of questions asked in Syllabus Of NDA Mathematics 2021

TopicsNumber of questions
Complex number10-15
Quadratic equation15-20
Matrix and determinants30

Syllabus Of NDA Mathematics 2021


  • Problems of  sets
  • Problems of Venn diagram
  • Questions of Demorgan’s law
  • Cartesian product Problems
  • Problems of  Relation, the relation of equality
  • Problems of  Real number
  • Questions of  Complex data
  • Questions of  Modulus
  • Problems of  Cube
  • Conversion of a number in a binary system to decimal and vice versa
  • Questions of  Arithmetic
  • Geometric and harmonious trend
  • quadratic equation
  • Linear inequalities
  • Questions of  Permutations and combinations
  • Binomial Theorem and Logarithm

Calculus Syllabus Of NDA Mathematics 2021

  • Questions of  Concept of a real-valued function
  • Problems of  Domain
  • Range and graph of a function
  • Questions of  Boundary perception
  • Standard range Question
  • Derivative of the function at a point
  • Questions of  Geometric and physical interpretation of a derivative and application
  • Problems of  Multiplication and quotient of the function
  • Derivatives of one function with respect to another function
  • A composite function derivation
  • Questions of  Second-order derivative
  • Ascending and descending order of functions
  • Applications of derivatives in maxima and minima problems

Matrix and Determinants

  • Problems of type of matrix.
  • Assessor’s Basic Property
  • Operating on the matrix
  • Problems of  Determinant of the matrix.
  • Combination and Inverse of a Square Matrix.
  • An application solution of a system of linear equations in two or three unknowns by Cramer’s law and matrix method

Integral calculus and differential equation

  • Integration of years of different session
  • Integration and inheritance by substitution
  • Standard integral involving algebraic expressions
  • Problems of  Trigonometric
  • Important and hyperbolic functions
  • Problems of  Origin of Indefinity Integrals
  • Application of flat and curve area retention
  • Definition of order and degree
  • Problems of  Origin of differential equation by example
  • Applications and numerical questions related to growth and decay

Trigonometry Syllabus Of NDA Mathematics 2021

  • Problems of  Angles and their measures
  • Degrees and radians
  • Problems of  Trigonometric ratio
  • Trigonometric Identification, Sum and Difference Formulas
  • Questions of  Multiple and polite angles
  • The inverse function of trigonometry
  • Questions related to height and distance
  • Problems of  Properties of triangle

Vector algebra Syllabus Of NDA Mathematics 2021

  • The vector in two and three dimensions
  • Questions of  Magnitude and direction of a vector
  • Problems of  0ne and unit vectors
  • Problems of  Vector totals
  • Scalar multiplication of a vector
  • Questions of  Scalar product or dot product of two vectors.
  • Problems of  Geometric questions.
  • Applications of completed tasks by force and momentum

Two-dimensional and three-dimensional geometric 

  • Rectangular Cartesian coordinate system
  • Questions of the Distance formula
  • A different form of the one-line equation
  • Problems of angle between two lines
  • Distance of a point from a line
  • Equation of a circle in standard and normal form
  • The standard form of parabola, ellipse, and hyperbola
  • Problems of  Three-dimensional point
  • Distance between two points
  • Direction cosine and direction ratio
  • Problems of  Two-point equation
  • Problems of  Plane and line equations
  • The code between two lines and the angle between two planes
  • Problems of  Equation of a sphere

Number and probability

  • Problems of  Random experiment
  • Results and associated sample location
  • Mutually Exclusive and Complete Events
  • Questions of  Impossible and certain events
  • Problems of  Union and solo events
  • Primary and Composite Events
  • Definition of probability
  • Problems of  Elementary theorem on probability
  • Problems of  Bayes’ theorem
  • Problems of the binomial distribution.

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